Organization Development:
Design and support of change management

In the case of reorganizations, mergers or new company orientations, we advise and support you in the design, control and implementation of change processes. In addition to the frequent questions relating to structural, cultural and personnel-related changes, Wortmann Consulting also focuses in particular on aspects that relate to the individual in such a situation.

Make change processes more successful by also focusing on people!

The responsible managers are of particular importance in change processes. Such a process can usually only be successfully designed if you exercise your role as role model.

To support companies and especially their managers in change processes, we work with you to create coordinated learning modules & practical transfer workshops, primarily in the areas of communication, leadership, team building, dealing with change and project management. The design and implementation of the learning modules & practical transfer workshops takes place if necessary in cooperation with "IT'S ABOUT LEADERSHIP".

The interview-based team workshop (“teamboost”) has proven itself for the successful initiation of “change processes”. Depending on the respective objective, the feedback / mood of the entire team / department is collected in a very short time in a constructive and confidential manner and used to develop initial approaches for change measures. In this way, those affected become participants. The high appreciation expressed thereby has a positive effect on willingness to change, team spirit, solution orientation, motivation and identification.