Organization Development:
Design and support of change management

During reorganisations, mergers or the implementation of new directions within an organisation we help you in designing, controlling and implementation of change management. Besides frequently asked questions regarding structural, cultural and personnel related changes Wortmann Consulting especially focuses on aspects which in such situations affect the individual directly. Increase your success from change management by focussing on humans.

In this context, for example, the use of an Interactive Management Audit (IMA) can make sense. IMA has been designed to allow an interactive estimation of individual success for prospectively modified responsibilities and tasks and alternative assignments of the managers within your organisation.

IMA utilised by dietz & associates is world-wide a unique system. New modules have already been developed and implemented by the founder of the organisation, Dr. Helmut W. Dietz.

In cooperation with the consultancy dietz & associates, International Management Advisory. For more information: