Barbara Lagler Özdemir

  • Mrs. Barbara Lagler Özdemir (born 1964, Lucerne, Switzerland) is a founder and Managing Director of oezpa GmbH.
  • In addition to her role as Managing Director and overall coordinator of the oezpa training Institute, Mrs. Lagler Özdemir also works as a consultant and coach in organisational development processes and is a licensed MBTI Coach.
  • Mrs. Lagler Özdemir works in the field of international large group moderation (Open Space Technology, Future Search Conferences, Real-Time Strategic Change, World Cafés).
  • Mrs. Lagler Özdemir is a trained organisational development consultant.
  • Prior to founding oezpa GmbH, Mrs. Lagler Özdemir was employed for many years in a commercial role as assistant to the boards of two globally active companies based in Switzerland and Italy. In this function, Mrs. Lagler Özdemir was responsible for the international coordination of marketing activities.
  • Mrs. Lagler Özdemir is also sponsor and staff member of Group-Relations Conferences (Tavistock Approach).

Dr. Hüseyin Özdemir

  • Dr. Hüseyin Özdemir (born 1960, Istanbul) is a graduate economist, founder and Managing Director of oezpa GmbH.
  • Dr. Özdemir has been living and working in the FRG since 1965.
  • The focuses of Dr. Özdemir's work lie in providing change and development consultancy (change management) to organisations, teams and individuals, as well as strategic process and project management consultancy.
  • Prior to establishing oezpa GmbH, Dr. Özdemir was employed as an internal organisational consultant and project leader on the "Corporate Development" staff for the Chair of the Board of Schering AG, a large and globally active company, which is now merged with Bayer AG. In this function, he led national and international strategic, reorganisation and organisational development projects.
  • Dr. Özdemir previously completed technical career training (telecommunications) with the Telecom, after which he worked for a number of years as a technician before embarking on his studies in organisational and personnel development in Wuppertal.
  • He was subsequently one of three proprietary partners of a management consultancy which focused on organisational development and project management.
  • Following this, Dr. Özdemir established together with Mrs. Barbara Lagler Özdemir the Management Consulting Institute oezpa GmbH.
  • Since then, he has been committed to further development, training and research in the field of strategic and organisational development at national and international level.
  • Dr. Özdemir is a recognised senior coach in the German Coaching Association (Deutschen Bundesverband Coaching, DBVC).
  • He conducts lectures (change and project management, leadership) at the University of Arts (Faculty: Institute of Electronic Business), Berlin and at the Nordakademie, the University of Economics, Elmshorn. Mr. Özdemir has published numerous books and articles.
  • Dr. Özdemir also contributes to the configuration, development and practical application of Group-Relations Conferences (Tavistock Approach) both domestically and abroad.