Interim Management: "Silverworker" – gain time without losing quality

In cooperation with PACT Process Solutions, we offer you highly qualified "Silverworker Senior Experts" for temporary work in the areas of "Operational Excellence" & "Human Resources".

Silverworkers are interested and capable senior citizens who, after their professional career, make their know-how and their potential available in management and / or specialist roles.

In order to coordinate the activities for companies and silverworkers, we have created a separate platform:

You will receive support from selected Silverworkers, taking into account the company-specific framework conditions and the objectives

  • in the introduction of operational excellence to create the prerequisites for maximum efficiency of work processes, business processes and other operational processes.
  • in operational / strategic personnel management and / or in taking on HR management tasks.

Together with you, we will find individual solutions in order to present the human resources that are currently not available in-house with a suitably qualified and available silverworker.

Our goal is to create win-win situations!

With a focus on the fields of "Human Resources" & "Operational Excellence", we only work in the specialist areas in which we ourselves have gained around 30 years of professional experience.

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